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“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” —Henry Thoreau


   In 2010, I took a journalism course which included some photography classes. I came to dislike journalism and found a love for my camera and the things I could capture behind my lens. Passion and curiosity fuel me to keep developing myself and advancing in the photography world. I am always looking for a way to express myself through this medium.

   My dream is to travel the world, telling life’s beautiful stories. I hope to eventually set up a studio where I can bring my mind's visions to life.         

   For right now, my personal life keeps me in Cold Lake, AB. My husband feels called to serve our country. It is my privilege to enable him, by building a home and community for us, our 3 kids, and our fur babies. Living far from family and friends awakens a desire within me to allow them intimate sneak peeks into our everyday life. To use photos to welcome them into the world that we have made into “home.”

    I am a professional, creative, & outgoing photographer who wants to capture both the simple and the remarkable so that you are left with stunning images that last a lifetime. Please contact me so that we can partner to make this a reality.

XO, Nikki Franklin